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Soapbox Soaps demonstrates commitment to transparency

Content provided by Soapbox Soaps, a How2Recycle member

SoapBox has partnered with How2Recycle to continue our commitment of transparency to SoapBox customers in all facets of the product and mission.

Transparency is a huge component in our business. If people are going to give and be a part of a social mission company then they should know where their donations are going and have faith in the brand they’re committing to.  

Our Hope Code has been a key component to our transparency. It is a code that is included on all of our packaging. Consumers can type it in on our website to see where their One-For-One donation is going. They are directed to a page that not only tells them where their donation is going, but with which aid partner and toward what specific project. Instead of just listing all this information out, we give them full-body content so they’re given as much detail as they’re willing to read.  

We want to show that in addition to providing customers a Hope Code, we also provide them the information they need to properly recycle or dispose of their SoapBox items.

We are a sustainable brand that is strengthened by the partnerships we have. Working with How2Recycle instills the confidence in our consumers that we are just as devoted to being eco-friendly and promoting environmental conscious practice as are to our one-for-one mission.

By partnering with How2Recycle we are continuing to educate our consumers about the importance of sustainability and proper recycling methods. Everyone recognizes the three-arrow logo for recycling, but do they know how to properly dispose of their recyclables?

Instead of taking chances and assuming, we added the How2Recycle logo to our packaging. It’s all about giving consumers an easy way to learn and identify. Transparency is also efficiency. By providing simple, clear instructions our consumers know exactly how to play their part in being environmentally responsible.

We hope that providing this education will continue our efforts to not only support those in need around the world, but also provide necessary information to help our consumers take care of our environment, too.  

How2Recycle Team

How2Recycle Team

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