About the How2Recycle Calculators

The information given by the calculator cannot not be used to substantiate marketing claims. These are estimates to provide a general idea of the greenhouse gas benefits of using recycled content, and are not actual carbon footprint calculations.

This calculator uses industry average data from US plastic manufacturers to estimate the percentage by which greenhouse gas emissions are reduced compared to a baseline of using 100% virgin material. The calculator only estimates the greenhouse gas emissions reduction during manufacturing processes. Greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing represent one portion of greenhouse gas emissions over the full life cycle of a package and thus are not indicative of a full carbon footprint. Greenhouse gas impacts are only one environmental impact of packaging; other environmental impacts may exhibit unfavorable changes with increased use of PCR, such as water consumption.

COMPASS is a cloud-based, streamlined life cycle assessment application that allows packaging designers to quickly analyze the human and environmental impact of design and material decisions. This is just a preview of the power of COMPASS, the leading packaging Life Cycle Assessment application. For in depth analysis of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging systems visit trayak.com/compass.

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